Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Where's the tooth fairy when you need her?

I think this photo reflects my mood today.  I went to the Oral Surgery thinking that I would get my root canal filling done, after all, he had x-rayed it last time, but no, he made a chart of my mouth.  I find this ridiculous in this day and age and considering that I have gone to the dentist every six mouths for around 57 years. I would have thought that it was possible to transfer a chart electronically.  I was then sent for a full mouth x-ray. 
I expressed my concern that the next appointment would be months away.  The consultant went into a big explanation about staffing levels.  Somewhat patronising.
The photo is Windy Corner.  If you have travelled over Saddleworth Moor on the M62 you may have seen this mast.

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