Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Goodbye Christies.

I was discharged by the Christie today.  I will still have to visit the Nightingale centre at Wythenshawe hospital for the next 10 years which seems a hell of along time.  I will be 72 by then which in itself seems impossible.  I do have a feeling of being adrift at sea now.  
I joined an online breast cancer group recently.  This is a bit of a two edged sword.  Reading other peoples experiences highlights how lucky I have been but also there are so many cases of the cancer reoccurring that it doesn't help my anxiety.
On a positive note the Oral Surgery at the Royal Oldham have managed to get me an appointment this month-a bit better than their original one of July.  I am trying to figure out a way of complaining about their appointment system that will result in them looking at their shortfalls.  Unfortunately I feel this is a system that is not capable of listening.  I really think that we need to point out,constructively, the failings of the NHS.

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