Saturday, 28 December 2013

The North wind will blow, and We Shall have Trampolines.

After a stormy Thursday night I returned home to Chadderton, after spending the holiday at A's, to find the above trampoline in the back garden.  I don't enjoy storms as I worry about the damage that may occur but I wasn't expecting this.  It had blown in from next doors garden, tipple topping over the five foot fence and landing the right way up and just dipping a leg into the pond.  I will not be trying it out even though I am tempted to do so.
It's difficult to remember a Christmas tide that I didn't find sad or sorrowful.  Lots of reasons for this and if I related them to you, you would probably get your violin out.  A and I have unconventional Christmas's that often involve bike rides, decorating or some physical work.  We are lucky to have similar mind set about this time of year and are able to enjoy it in our own way.  I enjoyed three days of cooking.  There will always be part of me that longs for the adult equivalent of the doll that I lusted after in Rushton's post office window in the '50's (odd cause I would have really preferred a
 train set) but I am truly thrilled to receive this Christmas cake from a dear friend.

And of course, I have been blessed this year with life itself.  Gifts that are priceless.
My best wishes for 2014.  I hope to celebrate the wonderful people in my life and life itself.  Enjoy everything and everyone that you have been blessed with.

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  1. We think you should give that trampoline a whirl.enjoy the cake.happy New year may it be healthy and happy for all of us
    .love t & m x