Thursday, 27 June 2013

 Have spent today sorting appointments. I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago for a root canal filling.  She was unable to break through to the canal, so had to refer me to the restorative dentist at the Royal Oldham.  So far they have not got back to me, so today I phoned the dentist and the number was unobtainable, so I emailed them.  Their phone lines were down because someone had stolen the copper cable.  I consequently phoned the oral surgery at the Royal Oldham but no one was answering.  However Wythenshawe have got back to me with a date for my echocardiogram (I may have a heart murmur).
After yesterday's visit to the Christie I am now wondering whether I am doing the right thing in saying that I want chemotherapy.
Yesterday's appointment, had apparently been cancelled by Christies but we didn't know that, so they fitted us in.  Started off with blood tests and then we were taken to the breast cancer dept.  After a short wait we were seen by a registrar.  I thought going with the decision to have chemo would have speeded things up but she went through the pros and cons with us and I have to go back Monday week to sign the consent forms and the chemo will be ordered from the pharmacy and I should start it it some time that week.
The chemo is appropriately called FEC.

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