Monday, 8 July 2013

Chemo survival kit

My chemotherapy survival kit is now in place.  It consists of:-
Cheap DAB radio
Hand gel to kill germs when immiunosupressed
Child's soft tooth brush for when gums are too sore to use ordinary toothbrush
Alcohol free Corsodil for sore mouth
Sea Band to help to prevent nausea
Boiled sweets to ward of possible bad taste when chemo is administered
Ice lolly moulds to make lollies to cool sore mouth
Cordials to help keep up liquid intake and to make lollies
Insect repellent, midges love me and I can't risk infection
Insect bite cream
Anti septic wipes
Anti septic cream
Digital thermometer to monitor temperature in case of fever
Several 'Buffs' to cover head when I lose my hair
Caps for same reason
Small Piglet
Lots of good wishes from my FANTASTIC friends

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