Thursday, 11 July 2013

Last few days before chemo

I went to my favourite cafe today-the Towngate Tearooms in Heptonstall.  Good food and pleasant staff.  Try it.  Heptonstall is a real step back in time, unlike Howarth and Hebden Bridge the outside world is still to find it.
I have added to the chemo survival kit.  Fibogel for when the drugs take over my digestive track and have put some audio books on to my iPad and bought two more scarves off Royton Market.
The day is now getting very close and yes folks I am scared.  It really is a leap into the unknown.  I have big fears of throwing up and developing bad migraines.
I don't think, no matter how many 'bad heads' you get you never get used to them and I think I must be crackers for doing something that may bring them on.
I am asked by my good friends what can they do for me, so I will say to all of you, think of me, pray, if that is you belief, phone, text email and please don't be put off if I don't answer or if I am sharp or whatever.  I am blessed to have you all.  Most of all look after Alix, please check that she's OK and take her out or cook us a meal to give her a break.
Sad to say I have dropped out of the photography class, I just got too exhausted trying to cope with it all.
I will 'blog' at the first opportunity after the chemo.  I have read that being in front of a screen immediately after chemo can bring on migraines. Nooooooo how will I live without tele!
Take care and be kind to one another.
Luv yer

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