Thursday, 4 July 2013

FECin appointments

Received the appointment card this morning for the three cycles of FEC.  The other three cycles will be a diiferent drug-T. (Look it up yourself).
Each treatment is over two days.  The first day I go for my bloods and then the second day the chemo is administered.  This seems a bit of a drag until you realise that the Chemotherapy Treatment Centre deals with around 200 patients a day and all the drugs are specific to that patient and treatment is dependent on the patients bloods being ok.
It's a pity that the Appointment system at the Pennine Acute Trust doesn't run as efficiently.  I am so fed up with the people on the appointment switch board not being able to understand why it might be a good idea that I have my dental treatment before I start my chemo that I have made an official complaint.  We tend to forget the 'Service' bit of the NHS and that it is our NHS.  We need to stick up for this service but tell them when they get it wrong.  It is very quietly being privatised and we are sleep walking into a system that will no longer be free at the point of delivery.  Don't let it happen.
Keep fighting people.

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