Monday, 15 July 2013


The echocardiogram showed that I have a thicker than normal left ventricle.  So because the E in FEC can effect the heart the chemotherapy has been changed to TC.
The side effects of these are similar to those with FEC, complete hair loss, nausea, etc.  I have to take three days worth of seroids around the chemo treatment.  These can stop you sleeping, make you irritable, (me irritable?) and a bit hypa.
The advice from the doctor was a bit more sensible than some of the info around on the Internet.  Basically she said live your life as you would want to, don't wrap yourself in cotton wool, if you don't feel well change your plans and take it easy and if you think you have got an infection get in touch with them right away no matter what time.
So here I go.  Hope to see you soon.
Take care.

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