Saturday, 26 October 2013


I had my first radiotherapy on Friday.  Certainly a lot easier than chemotherapy.  One reason being that the journey is all of ten minutes.  
The unit is at the Royal Oldham hospital.  It is,of the same standard as the main Christie hospital at Withington.  This unit deals with 80 patients a day so,they can be forgiven for running late.  There are two Linac machines.  The process involves putting on the gown that you are given and then lying on a metal table while the radiographer adjusts your position.  The machine is then lined up to the tattoos makes that were made last week.  
The actual radiotherapy last 2 minutes on each mark while the radiographer have left the room.
Once again I have to say how good the staff are.  They instil confidence by their professionalism with compassion.  The patients identity is checked several times and there is a photograph of you on the computer so the chances of them getting it wrong are very small.
So there are now 14 treatments left.  I may become tired towards the end and may have some burning to the area being treated.  This has been a long journey but it feels that I am coming to the end of the first part.
Take care.  Look after yourselves and your loved ones.

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