Friday, 18 October 2013


I now have two tattoos, one on my chest and the other under the arm.  They don't say 'mum & dad' or 'love & hate' or if they do you will need a microscope to read them, they are tiny reference marks to line up the X-Ray machine.  I was expecting to be in for up to two hours but the whole process from booking in took just over twenty minutes.  This included a CT scan. A novel experience.
I have read a couple of things this morning running Oldham down.  I know I am a bit daft about the town and think it is the centre of the universe and often don't see what is wrong about it but having an outpost of the Christie is a real boon to the town.
Once again I have to say how the entire Christie staff and organisation stands head and shoulders above a lot of the NHS.
Take care and enjoy the weekend.

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