Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sun burn

So that's a weeks worth of radiotherapy and today the affected side is starting to get burned.  The radiologists told me earlier in the week that this was so but I had not noticed it but I did immediately start using the aqueous cream to excess.
I was booked in for physiotherapy today expecting that I would be doing a series of exercises.  The physiology did go through the warm ups but the actual stretches were left for me to do at home.
I have been lucky enough to have lift to the hospital some days through the week.  This as made a big difference and I have found the visits on these occasions much easier to deal with.
Yesterday should have involved a visit to to GP but this was cancelled by the surgery but I enjoyed a pub lunch with a former colleague.  It's a joy to be able to eat out, this was not allowed when I was on chemo.
If you get chance take a look at my article in 'Out Nort West' that you can read online.
Best wishes for November.

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