Friday, 8 November 2013


Just four more to go and then I should be done with radiotherapy.
There's not much that I can be enthusiastic about, so I have had to push myself on several occasions.  The weather hasn't helped especially when I would like to take outdoor pictures.  I did manage it yesterday and drove up to Jubilee Colliery which is a derelict site.  My intension was to take several shots of scenes at different exposures and layer them together in a HDR (high dynamic range) program.  This is one of the results.

It would probably have benefited from having a spooky face at the window!  
Not being far from Tod (Todmorden) I couldn't resist going to the Towngate cafe at Heptonstall.  A good eatery.
I am blessed to have folk in my life that I don't have to act with.  I was bemoaning the fact to a friend on the phone today that I can't be bothered with the housework or garden.  Her reply was to imagine that I was looking after a child, would we expect them to get their homework done and then do the washing up.  It can sound like psychobabble to say that we should look after our inner child but it can be very useful when we are being over critical of ourselves.
So make a special effort next week to look after your inner child-they deserve in.

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