Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sweeney Todd

You would think that the one bus journey I would find myself in tears on would be coming back from the Christie having been told that I had cancer.  That of course, dear readers, you know wasn't the case.  I was returning home to Chadderton today on the 181 when I found myself staring into the evening gloom with a few tears running down my face.  Why, I am not quite clear.  One factor was that as I got on the bus I heard the driver call me 'mate'.  This is quite a common occurrence due to my short hair, trousers and dark clothing.  It is something, however that irritates me cause, I guess, I feel that I am not being seen, and I suppose I am feeling less visible, as a woman at the moment.  BUT I will NOT wear pink!
I went to see 'Sweeney Todd' at the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester this afternoon.  There was a group of pupils in from the school I used to teach at.  Speaking to a member of staff caused a pull on my heart strings so this was a factor in my emotional moment.
Just two radiotherapy sessions left.  Skin still intact so can't complain.
Take care.

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