Thursday, 21 November 2013

OFSTED in your dreams

Having gone through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, six days in hospital and more you would think that I would be having nightmares about breast cancer.  I fact I wish I was having nightmares about breast cancer.  However, last nights dreams consisted of me teaching science to a year 8 class in a very animated way.  They decided that they had had enough of this and walked out.  The man from OFSTED wasn't impressed and went for the head of year.  There is a a school of thought that says every player in a dream represents ourselves.  That may mean then that the lesson is the cancer and I am the one that leaves while Mr OFSTED is me going for the treatment in the form of the Head of Year.  What ever the interpretation is, frankly, I have had enough of this and want some nice hairy, fairy entertainment in the night time. 
My general anxiety doesn't help, I suppose.  As I write a man from Dynarod is examining the soil pipe outside as this is leaking.  Just calling someone out is a big deal, plus the fact that I might get ripped of, plus the fact that I think I am hopeless and should be able to deal with every day problems like an adult.
My Suzuki van refused to start again yesterday.  It's not surprising as it doesn't get driven much at the moment.   So I bought a jump starter so that I am not calling the RAC out every five minutes.  It has worked fine so I took the van to Kwikfit to get a new battery.  They said that I didn't need one-it just needed a good charge.  You see how this works-if I was better at things none of this would happen-I know it's crazy. Despite taking antidepressants (which help with anxiety as well) I find that I am constantly expecting my life to collapse.  I think one of my hopes was that I would find the smaller things in life would be easier to cope with and would have a smaller profile than they have had.
So Mr Dynarod has now gone and they will get back to me to tell me when they will do the job. Phew first hurdle over.  So now it's a fry up and some photo taking somewhere.
And for everyone that has to put up with OFSTED, 'Fascinating Aida' interpret it as 'Overpiad Fuckers Shafting Teachers Every Day'.
Enjoy your day.

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