Thursday, 14 November 2013

So, Now What Do I Do?

Here are two videos with inspiring titles-Before and After Last Radiotherapy.
As you can read today was the last radiotherapy session.  There has been one particular radiologist that I have really liked having and I was glad to see her on the last day.  I have never really liked terms of endearment used on a casual basis but when this woman called me darling it seemed to make the whole process go easily.  She asked me how my skin was feeling and although it is intact it is a bit itchy.  So she has given me some hydrocortisone (to use sparingly).
Again, I have met some astonishing people.  Today I sat next to a man that had had throat cancer and was enjoying his life.
In the past week I have been with several friends old and new and will be meeting up with at least one long term friend next week.  I am really lucky to have you all in my life.
Enjoy the coming weekend.

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