Friday, 20 December 2013


I am truly blessed with the friends I have.  Thank you all for your heart felt best wishes.  Sometimes I didn't think that I would get to 62.  No big celebrations, in fact I spent the afternoon at an Age UK LGBT get together.
On returning home there was a letter from the Pennine Acute Hospitals-the Royal Oldham to you and me, informing me of a follow up appointment from Tuesdays visit to the Oral Surgery.  Now you need to remember that I have a hole drilled into the back of my front tooth by my own dentist about seven months ago.  So I think the appointment that was in the letter was a bit to far away-8th July.  It took 4 calls to different numbers to get someone to deal with it.  The booking and scheduling were unable to sort this.  A strange and inefficient system.  I really don't get why the Christie model can't be used throughout the NHS.
Enjoy the weekend and if you have finished work for the holidays have a restful break.

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