Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Finally, I Get to go to Oral Surgery

Today I finally had my appointment at the Oral Surgery, at the Royal Oldham.  It's a good job that this front tooth has not been giving me to much pain the length of time I have had to wait for this appointment.  I have been spoilt be the Christie staff.  Although the consultant that looked at my teeth was not unpleasant he could learn a lot from the way cancer patients are treated by the Chistie.  Before I went in to see him I had to fill a form out about my medical history including a list of my current medication.  After a preliminary examination he stuck an X-ray film in my mouth.  I protested at this saying that I had just finished radiotherapy.  He hadn't looked at the form I had filled in even though it contained relevant information to the procedure that is required.  Anyway they were going to send me to sit in the waiting room while they developed the film but as I was going to the Royal Exchange theatre for the matinee performance of Victoria Woods 'That Day We Sang' I made another appointment.  I don't think he was too pleased with me.
The play/musical was based around Manchester Schools Choir recording 'Nymphs and Shepherds' with the Halle orchestra in 1929.  It was full of Victoria Woods brilliant rhymes e.g. grapple with a pineapple.   Great fun and a joy to watch.  A great way to lift the spirits.

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