Friday, 6 December 2013

Canal boats,Doctors and bums

Although the weather has been somewhat inclement I have been able to get out with my camera and in pursuit of more HDR shots I went Scarsbrick which is officially on Merseyside about 7 miles from Southport.
When I was on my way to Southport last I noticed that a new marina had been built on the Leeds Liverpool Canal along with a cafe and thought that this may be a good place to take photos.  As it turned out access to the boats in the marina was quite restricted and the cafe didn't have a great veggie choice.  Despite this we had a pleasant day and did manage a couple of HDR photos.
At four years old I went into hospital with a severe burn.  That would be 1955.  How different things were then.  I remember spending my birthday screaming Oldham Royal down and no one giving me any comfort and of course parents were only allowed in during strict visiting hours.  Then at 13 I spent a few days in Oldham & District Hospital in the care of Mr Steptoe, him of the test tube baby fame.  I wasn't having a test tube baby but was in his women's health clinic.  Both of these experiences put me in fear of doctors and hospitals, so I am reluctant to go to see my GP.  So, the pain must have got bad when I mentioned to him on Monday that I had a pain in my bum.  It would be more precise to say that the pain was around my hip.  I seriously thought this was serious.  He soon diagnosed it at bursitis which is damage to the the cushioning around the joint, if you get it in your knee it is "Housewives Knee".  He has given me some exercises which seem to be working well.
Perhaps cancer has given my more confidence in doctors and hospitals.
Enjoy your weekend and look forward to a well earned break.

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