Monday, 26 August 2013

Chuffing Eck.

During the five years or so that I have been out of teaching I have joined several organisations such as the RSPB, Natioinal Trust, and Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.  With the last one you get three day, passes to use throughout the year.  So these have gone unused until last week when I drove over to Oxenhope and took a very short steam train trip to Haworth.
You are warned that one of the side effects of chemo is fatigue.  I haven't noticed this, I have been my usual lazy self.  However, climbing up the hill from Howarth station to the village was a big struggle and I had to use a bench half way up, so I guess this is fatigue.
We have just got back from having my bloods taken at Christies so the third round of chemo will take place tomorrow, so I will half way through.
Thanks to H and A for the lovely meal yesterday.  I am truly blessed with the friends I have.
Have a good week and look after each other.
Nothing to do with steam trains or chemo.  I took this some years ago and it remains my favourite photo.
Thought those that have never seen it might like it.

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