Monday, 19 August 2013

Hardcastle Craggs

So today's outing was to Hardcastle Craggs, a National Trust property at Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.  An extensively wooded area there is also a very early cotton mill which was the setting for 'Dotheboys Hall' in the film 'Nicholas Nickleby'. 
I didn't walk very far as I found it quite exhausting.  I stood in the river to take this, and several other pictures (all very similar) only to find that my Welly's, or at least the right one lets water in!
For those interested in the technical details I used a variable ND filter.  There is still work to do on this long exposure technique but I think I might have to replace my footwear before I try standing in the middle of a river again.
The week before the chemotherapy administration is when I feel the fittest.  However it's rather like the days after a heavy cold and you start saying 'I should go back to work but I am not well enough'. Although my temperature is normal I go from hot and cold and cold and hot.  I realise that I don't understand the the bodies temperature control system.  My smell and taste system is also messed up.  There seems to be a factor missing from my taste and my smell system seems to smell things that aren't there. 
Talking about side effects I was having big trouble with the anti sickness pills Metoclopramide Hydrochloride.  They were making me very twitchy and I was finding the light unbearable so reading, tele watching and using the ipad were all difficult.  I phoned the breast care nurse at Christies who quickly got these drugs changed.  The staff at Christies are fantastic and if they don't train staff at other hospitals on how to care for folk they should seriously consider diong so.
I was also thinking about friendship today and all the amazing people that text, ring, email, send cards, send flowers, Facebook me, make meals, pop round and generally support myself and A.  If I don't always get back to you I really do appreciate you all and do think you are fantastic.
Take somet ime for yourselves-you deserve it.

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