Friday, 2 August 2013


I have my second round of chemotherapy next week, so I took a walk to one of my spiritual homes today, Tandlehills Country Park in Royton.
Last farm before Tandlehills
I have done this walk for over 50 years but never fail to find something new.  This 38 hectare mature beech and mixed woodland was used by Radicals prior to the Peterloo Massacre for meetings and drilling.  The authorities at that time stopped these activities by planting trees.  The woodland passed through several hands over the following years and was eventually given in1919 to the people of Royton by the then owner, Councillor Norris Bradbury, as a Peace offering at the end of the Great War.  It's a place to find a little bit of peace even when there are a lot of people visiting.
Today was another beautiful day and a good one for a gentle walk, with a cool breeze to prevent it being uncomfortable.

Lots of Rosebay Willow Herb in flower today

Dabbled light amongst the Beech trees

Although there are lots of Beech trees the park has a wide variety of trees.
Here Larch trees line one of the paths near the monument.

The Beech trees put lots of leaf cover down in Autumn.


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