Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mellow Fruitfullness

I was rather optimistic thinking that I would have three rough days each cycle of the chemotherapy.  Although the last cycle and the present one have not been as tough as the first one, five to seven days out of each month would be more realistic.  Having said that the side effects are not now as debilitating as they were.  As I have already said the anti sickness drugs were changed this time and I am taking Levinan which has a sedative effect so is taken before bed time.  I have only tried this for two nights,  the first time I found it a bit of a struggle to come round in the morning but on the second day I was much more awake.  Along with the Buccastem the level of nausea and sickness seems to be well controlled.  Last cycle I managed to get to day seven without any sickness so I hoping that all will be fine this time.
As I write this I am awaiting the district nurse to give me a Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor GCSF (Filgrastim) injection.  These injections are given for seven days post chemo and are for boosting the immune system.  The side effect of these are achy joints.  These so far I have managed to handle with painkillers.  So you can imagine that I don't feel like running about and energy levels are not high but at least now that I have different sickness tablets I am able to watch the tele and at least read for a short time.  It's a chance to take it easy and do as little as possible.
The wasp reminds me that we are about to enter Autumn, for me the finest season of them all so hopefully I might get some mellow photos in in the next few weeks.
So enjoy these beautiful Autumn days and take some time for yourself.

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