Monday, 5 August 2013

Hair Today, None Tomorrow

My hair started to fall out on Saturday.  I had already shaved it down to its shortest with clippers and it seemed to be very grey but it now seems that the darker hair is still there. It is however, still coming out.
We were able to get out on the bikes on Sunday.  We took the train to Sanbach and had a look at the Saxon crosses in the market place and then went for a 15 mile ride in mixed weather-sun and showers.
Today I went for my bloods to be taken at Christies and to see the consultant.  Well, they say when policemen start to look young, you are getting old, but when consultants look as young as she did, you start to feel ancient.
So, tomorrow is the second round of chemo.  I know have more drugs than Boots the Chemists, so all side effects should be catered for.  I let you know how I go on.
Take care of each and be kind.

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