Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's 12 minutes past seven in the morning and the taxi will be here in a few minutes.  I am doing this so the time will pass relatively easily.  Started to get a bit shaky last night but I am reasonable now.  I have found strengths that I didn't know I had or at least considered them negatively.  I learnt to detach myself many years ago and it has given me an air of alloofness (spelling not a strong point) so at times it has not worked in my favour but at the moment it is a handy thing to have.
I am bowled over by the good wishes I have received from people but also by how practical people have wanted to be.
What I have found I have not wanted is people being 'matter of fact' (I can do that for me self).  Sympathy is something I am generally not comfortable with but it has felt good to receive it.
I am not going to check this for mistakes-I am just going to publish and
Love you all. xxx

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