Thursday, 30 May 2013

Right, I thought you all needed some pretty pictures after the nasty ones.  Bluebells and Kingcups at Styal Woods, Cheshire.
I drove for the first time today.  I had too because the van had sat in the garage since before my operation.  I drove to Sowerby Bridge and then back through Ripponden-yes, I know it's the Darkside but it makes a simple circular drive that puts some juice in the battery.  I was completely wacked when I got back and it was a bit too much of a strain on the wound but to put your minds at rest I was safe.
I think this has probably been one of the few days when I have not felt 100% mentally fit. I am putting this down to tiredness but I suppose the wait for the results has having some effect.  Although the pain is greatly decreased I have experienced some unexpected types of pain, pain that I was not prepared for.  So this puts some doubt, fear anxiety into the mind.
Two of my friends text or phone me and start the conversation with "Hello Sweetie".  These terms of endearment blow me away.  I am sure that they have healing power.

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