Tuesday, 28 May 2013

This is the wound 9 days after the operation-amazing.  Amazing the ability of the body to heal itself.
I have now had my third outing- Vernon Park, Stockport.  Anyone who wears glasses may well remember their first experience of glasses. I well remember walking out of the Co-op opticians on Barn St. to a wet Oldham day, the stone flags fair sparkled.  Having a health scare is a bit like having your first pair of glasses.  I have noticed a lot more things around me and I do appreciate more and I certainly appreciate life more.
I have spent the time since the operation with Alix in Longsight being waited on hand and foot and I will shortly be returning to Chadderton.  Not only has Alix been wonderful, I have had fruit and booze brought to me by H____ and had a meal cooked for us by J___.  Wonderful people.  In fact there have been lots of wonderful people.  It has brought home to me how important small kindness are and how we should not under estimate what and how we say things to people.
Take care.

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