Thursday, 23 May 2013

You will probably have worked out that I had surgery last Friday when the tumour was removed along with some sentinel nodes.  These lymph nodes go for analysis to see if the cancer has spread.  It is quite a long wait for these results, part of the reason being that the team have a case conference after they get the results to discuss the next step in treatment.
The whole process has been very streamlined and very efficient.  Having said that everyone has been very compassionate and caring.  I think one of my big fears was that the staff would be brusk and seemingly uncaring.
The 17th of May was a long day.  Once again we arrived too early, so I had my photograph taken holding my rainbow flag outside the Nightingale Centre.  I was called in very soon after sitting down in the waiting room.  This is when they put the wire in.  OF COURSE it was under local anaesthetic and it didn't go in through the nipple-mislead by the Internet!  It did however stick out of the other end and nearly had my eye out.  It was then coiled round and taped down.  I was then sent for mammograms to check that it was in the right position.  I have discovered that the best way to have a mammogram is under local anaesthetic.  I was then sent to have a radio-isotope put in the breast.  This is injected into the area surrounding the nipple.  This was certainly not high on my list of must do things.  It was perhaps the most painful part of the operation but no where near as painful as toothache.  I was then driven to the ward (hospital supplied car) and the operation took place at 1:45. 
After eating the best toast I have ever tasted I was allowed home.  This was 12 hours after I arrived.
I am feeling good although I need the result day to come quickly.  I am bruised and cut (very neat embroidery) but alive!

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