Monday, 13 May 2013

My first experience of pre op today.  Blood pressure fine-amazing cause I have white coat phobia.  Probably the best it has been in a while.  Nurse starts to take blood from my right arm and comments on how easy it will be to get into my vein-she had found a lot of the bloods difficult before me.  Sticks needle in and blood refuses to flow.  So sticks big plaster on that and goes for left arm-better luck this time.
Sent off to ECG.  Quite a wait.  Eventually get called in by a very pleasent women who comments on my Winnie the Pooh socks.  I now have proof that I have a heart.
Sent back to Women's Health Ward to see doctor. Another long wait, by this time we are booth starving.  Told ECG is fine, general chat and consent forms signed. We are now that hungry that we go to hospital canteen.
Still finding it difficult to say I have cancer.  Very strange to think that there is something growing far too fast in my boob cause I feel quite well.

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