Saturday, 4 May 2013

It's easy to think that the world is a terrible place, wars, bombs, famine etc.  Popular press seem to like to run people down.  People are scroungers scivers layabouts.  Truth is people are kind, generous and caring.  I did know this already but I have been touched by the incredible people in my life this last week.
Trouble is at the moment I want to tell everyone.  It has come in handy though.  BT phoned me up one day saying I was a valued customer and was I finding my broadband too slow and would I like it improved?  Course I would I say, but can't be arsed having workmen in the house at the moment as I have just been diagnosed with cancer.  Poor lad, didn't know what to say but assured me that they wouldn't trouble me again. Wonder what a decent time is to keep using that to cold callers?

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